Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Fun and Witty Take on Iconography

Jeremy Gibbs, also known as Romanywg is bold and daring. I cam across his interview on and immediately fell in love with his sculptures. Gaining exposure to the street art/culture, he became a great collector and an art enthusiast. During the daytime he spends his time working as a film editor, making several videos of his own documenting street artists he encounters. The modified/custom sculptures he worked on is incredible and different--very bold and rebellious. He uses Queen Victoria and Ludwig van Beethoven as the model and exploits the standard perception of their image. It is pop culture meets street art. This Londoner took a two year Foundation Arts Course and two years of Studio Practice and Design.

Artist: Jeremy Gibbs (Romanywg), source: Artasty

Brushstrokes: Matt Small

Artist: Matt Small

Poster Boy Strikes Again

FYI, the anonymous superstar with slicing and collage making talent, Poster Boy, has left his mark at Atlantic Avenue subway stop, where MoMa has recently put up a temporary installation not too long ago. The whole point was that HappyCorp assisted MoMa in its guerilla marketing and promotions strategy to get people to acknowledge art. Unfortunately, Poster Boy stepped into the scene causing a little tension for HappyCorp as they respond to New York Magazine.

What Lies Beneath

Working with x-rays, Nick Veasey experiments with the power of lighting and technology to peel back the layers and expose the mannerism of his subject or object in its most natural form. By creating superficial images, Veasey is able to experiment the practicality and usage of machinery for the purpose of pushing forward the significant and magical relationship of art and science.

Artist: Nick Veasey, found at Millenia Fine Art

Surrealist Photography: Dreaming Awake

Jamie Baldridge brings literature to life through his single lens. Being inspired by his drawings and deriving imagery from his writing, Baldridge combines photography and photo manipulation to create surrealist photographs. Its a mixture of reality and fantasy, one of which usually found only at ones imagination. His work is a modern depiction of dreams, perceptions and endless possibilities beyond knowledge and literature. Its like looking at fictional characters you construct unmasking itself before your eyes. Amusing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Came Across Chen Man

What do you guys think? Beijing-born artist/photographer, Chen Man photographed these images and manipulated it. She is well-known in the fashion and advertising world, taking portraits of individuals, models, and celebrities. Beautiful work, no?

Artist: Chen Man, found at The Bui Gallery

Leader in Political Art China: Wang Guangyi



Artist: Wang Guangyi, found at Chinese Contemporary Gallery

Intriguing Photography Work

What would you conclude of the society after encountering such image? No doubt all I can think about is how children are involved in wars. For those who have not looked into War Child International, you should. Nevertheless, in her artwork, Marina Abramovic explores humanitarian and current topics of the world.

Artist: Marina Abramovic, represented by Sean Kelly Gallery

Typographic Sculpture

An impressive sculpture work by Jaume Plensa has caught my attention. I must say, her work is perfect to have in an advertising agency--if they have the space to exhibit her work that is. Yes, the ideal space to show her work would be outdoors or any other place that would have a lot of foot traffic. Aside from the sculptures, she produces great installations outdoors as well.

Artist: Jaume Plensa, represented by Galerie Lelong

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Robots Rule The Universe

Robots are cool and they are your buddy, at least in my best friend's world. My friend in Belgium is obsessed with anything that has to do with robots. She drew robots on the wall, produced some plastic sculptures and conducted photography experiments on her Lomo LCA, Fisheye and Diana F camera. Wait until she looks at Eric Joyner's Robot painting collection. He simplifies the mixture of human fascination, imagination, and expectations in the world of artificial intelligence. Not to mention, these robots are no ordinary robots, they are attached to those donuts. 

Artist: Eric Joyner, post dedicated to Ayu Peeters

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