Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Atlantic/Pacific Subway Stop Brooklyn

Sometime today I am going to head to Brooklyn's Atalantic/Pacific subway stop to check out what MoMa pulled out of their sleeves. 58 reproductions of artworks from the collection is done to promote art out of the museum. Its a very unique proposition and an eye-opening, interesting way to start your day, especially for art lovers. Its great and it reminds and educates people what museums have to offer; what MoMa has in store for them. It was conceived by Doug Jaeger, founder of happycorp with intentions for it being an underground campaign. Nevertheless, this station domination project is a temporary installation that just went up yesterday, so now is your chance (and mine) to go. I'm gonna take pictures and post my own soon. Check out MoMa's customized website.

Source: Cool Hunting

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