Sunday, February 1, 2009

Danku Very Much!

Yesterday, I went to Danku--a Dutch fast-food joint that recently opened on 57th street, after a long and tiring day of museum-hopping. I've been wanting to go ever since I was in Amsterdam last year and heard about it. So there I was. Admiring the welcoming and fun vibe of the eatery and taking in their unique approach to branding. I first started off with the mac and cheese kroket and Belgian fries. It was so good. I love it. I highly recommend coming here for your museum break or maybe a place to start your day. Their breakfast menu sounds quite promising. If you want a little bit of sugar rush at the end of your meal, share the poffertjis with someone. Its very good indeed, especially when eaten fresh. Before I left, my sister called me and told me to bring her some food. I got her the Indonesian combo they offered. She devoured it as soon as I gave it to her. 

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