Monday, February 2, 2009

Kimiko Yoshida's Multiple Identity

Kimiko Yoshida has engaged the art world with her impeccable and breathtaking self-portraits. She is eminent for her depiction of self in the context of a bride, doesn't matter what race, religion, tribe, class, origin--she's done it all. Indeed, it goes on an exploration of identity and position and characterization of women throughout various cultural assimilation. The photographs are vibrant and dynamic, yet most often fascinates us with its mystery and sophistication. All her works are always presented elegantly and organized in a way that absorbs us to the strong visuals to generate comparisons. It speaks of something personal, perhaps her perception and fascination of beautiful brides across the globe dressed immaculately for the biggest day of her life. Her photographs are taken using a Hasselblad medium-format camera. Kimiko Yoshida is a Japanese-born French artist who has embraced Europe with her large scale photographs. She has made her presence in the US market and most recently, she showed at Palm Beach Contemporary Art Fair last January 2009.

Photos taken from her website.

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