Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meet Me at The Apartment..

Meet at The Apartment is a sophisticated, sexy, and smart place to gather up your small team, colleagues, business partners or co-workers. It is a truly inspirational place; a modern and vibrant--gets your mood going and your creativity flowing. Companies and organizations have used this multifunctional space for meetings, parties, and other social gatherings. Yes, aside from enjoying all the amenities and posh decoration, you can enjoy the catered food and hospitality. This highly stylized open loft is located in Soho, New York and emerged from the two visionaries behind Wooster Collective, Marc and Sara Schiller. The dynamic duo has been attracted to the complexity interior design and successfully translated their taste into reality. This trendy meeting spot has been polished with all the necessities: up-to-date library, kitchen pantry, and breakout rooms. Ready to Meet

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