Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saatchi Unveiled Their Latest Exhibition

Saatchi Gallery is known for its showcase of noteworthy and one of the kind art exhibitions. They love to embrace its visitors with an abundant amount of information and effective visual imagery that are made to stick. As mentioned in, "Unveiled" is an exciting collection of art that grabs your attention, more or so because it is quite exceptional. The collection speaks of the curator/collectors unique taste and marketable art, one that is worth talking about. What is important is that each participating artists gives their own take and perception on gender, race, religion, and most importantly, questioning where they stand in society. Shadi Ghadirian and Ramin Hartizadeh's work is outstanding. While Shadi Ghadirian communicates in a humorous approach, Ramin Hartizadeh looks at gender, body, and sexuality through a theatrical approach. The beauty of her paintings lies in her fluid brushstrokes and harmonious use of color. The collection can be viewed online at

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