Sunday, March 22, 2009

10 Foot Reveals Hatred

Wow. This is the beginning of an art war huh. Rumor tells it, London street art scene have been getting some heat. Not any kind of heat, but 10 foot, a prolific London graffiti artist have been going around on a rampage tagging high profile work by street artists; or in his exact words, "art fags." What seemed like a small deal became a serious message and cautious warning to street artists. Jealousy maybe? Or perhaps 10 foot's own political statement on contemporary issues he encounters today. Whatever the reason is he sure is unhappy about the decline in awareness of hierarchical system. It used to be, you need to establish your name as a recognizable writer before you can mark your territories. I guess London streets are filled with hate and vengeance nowadays.

Read more about the 10 foot's coup de grâce.

Source: Vandalog

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