Friday, March 20, 2009

Adidas Urban Art Guide: BERLIN

Today, Adidas will be dropping their FREE Urban Art Guide iPhone application for Berlin.  Using the widget, you’ll be able to find all the hot spots, get visual references,  probably some artist info and then go scope ‘em out on your own time.  Pretty dope, don't forget to check out the 
micro-trailer too. Berlin deserves it, they have the freshest urban art scene and local artists that have attracted many eyes, including other artists worldwide to come and mark their presence in the art scene. Good idea huh? hopefully they will think of expanding soon.

Join the Launch Party:

Warschauer Strasse 39/40
10243 Berlin

MARCH 20th 12 PM

Tingle Tangle Club
Tom Clark Highgrade (Berlin)
The Saint 8Bit/Sonido (Frankfurt)
Phunkrealism/Tingle Tangle (Frankfurt)

Live Performances:
Noman and Hugo Capablanca (Berlin)
Hitzoki Kami and Sasu (Tokyo), Neosion (Berlin)
Live visuals by Luke Bennett (Berlin)

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