Sunday, March 22, 2009

Closing Exhibition: Remed & Zbiok

I went to Brooklynite Gallery yesterday (technically around 8 hours ago) to see the works of French graffiti artist, Remed and Zbiok from Poland. It was the last day of the "IT HURTS" exhibition, I thought I dropped by and say hello to Mr. McGrath. Anyways, both artists are known for their individualistic style. Remed uses fluid shapes and bold colors rooted back to the 80s feel, a marvelous take and fresh appeal to existing styles. Its fascinating how he simplifies and transforms complex symbolic "language" into a contemporary imagery and stylistic typography. On the other hand, Zbiok executes a more in-depth and straight-forward characterization of society and modern day politics by means of idolization and iconography.




Shout out to Rae McGrath, founder and curator of Brooklynite Gallery for the great opportunity.

Artist: Remed and Zbiok | Represented by Brooklynite Gallery

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