Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Streets Without Wall

Art, a charitable instrument for social-cultural initiatives, stimulates a wide stratum of the population and public opinion, and sensitizes different social stratum in an insightful manner incorporating practical performance and artistic happening.

STREET ART, like the "Carità della Misericordia", heads to the streets everyday, abolishing walls and social barriers, opposing segregation of pariah and the homeless, becoming integral parts of the collective urban fabric.

The event, contextually a series of live happenings, anticipates the exhibition of a series of artwork on removable supports that will be shown to the public in the Misericordia Museum, alongside the Museum's collection.

At the end of the exhibition there will be a conclusive auction wherein the proceeds will be devolved to the Arciconfraternita of the Misericordia to fund the Art Charity "Villaggio San Sebastiano" project.

The customization of particular objects, such as cars, fabrics, accessories, design objects, and gadgets furnished by Partner Project will allow the diffusion of the initiative to a diversified public target, creating expectations on the subject of uniting art-design and entrepreneurship.

The exhibition will be accompanied with a catalog of approximately 144 color pages, edited by Chiara Canali, with a preface from the exhibition committee, and a word from the Director of the Misericordia.

The catalog foresees an iconographic display of the artwork on the façade of the Misericordia's office and on the Garage walls, and a compilation of artworks donated to the Institute of the Misericordia, with circa 100 color images.

Source: Villagio San Sebastiano

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