Monday, March 2, 2009



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Sample Work - Artist: Kylie Manning

So earlier today, I attended the Tribeca Ball 2009 at New York Academy of Art on 111 Franklin Street. It was wonderful, got to talk to some of the artists, see unique characters and familiar faces. I have several favorites, or works that I would like to highlight. Aside from the live painting show on the third floor, which I enjoyed, I was very interested in the following artists:

1. Kylie Manning - reaction towards stereotypes of woman
2. Annie Wildey - experimentation on accidental architecture
3. Amber J Sena - lovely work. amazing artist that has a fascination for bugs
4. Mayumi Ishino - on going performance project: "Mirror"
5. Timothy Smith - stunning prints that were exhibited today
6. Julio Stanley Flores - Breathtaking enormous paintings on faceless and obese figures/nudes
7. IAN  - I need to know this artists last name. Spent a great amount of time standing and appreciating his sculptures. Intricate detailing and dramatic forms. 

Overall, the event was great. I was happy I had the opportunity to attend and see the individual art works produced by NYAA's MFA students. It is such a pity I forgot to bring my camera, I will forever regret doing that. To Inquire more information, go to NYAA's website.

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