Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life in a Box

Very fun street art. Aakash Nihalani shows you what he can do within time and space constraints. Think outside of the box. His works are mainly isometric rectangles and squares. The artists adds some fun to New York City streets and proposes to interplay with the idea of spontaneous art and freedom of expression. Reminds us that mathematics is a part of our everyday life. Nice.

Artist: Aakash Nihalani


Whoooa. The colors and graphics jump out of the paintings! It screams out energy and excitement. Crazy imagery. His point was to reflect on our society today and the hyped about lifestyle.

Artist: Nathan James

Vintage Looking Murakami

This is actually one of the first Murakami's I really like staring at. Usually my attention span dies after 3 seconds only. Pretty cool.

Artist: Takashi Murakami

Guo Wei

Artist: Guo Wei | Represented by Andrew James 


Artist: Kim McCarthy

China's Top Secret

Liao Yi Bai's highly anticipated summer exhibition "Imaginary Enemy" will be held May 8th-August 15th at Mike Weiss Gallery. FYI, some of his works are gigantic! Must see.

Artist: Liao Yi Bai | Represented by Mike Weiss Gallery

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't Stop The Funk

The Multi-talented, Matt W. Moore bares all his flair in his colorful and bold graphics. Stumbled upon his work and now I can't help myself but pin-point works I like from his extensive portfolio. Let me tell you, there is an abundance of projects, experience, experimentation and yes, finished pieces. His works will add some WOW to your eyes. ;)




Artist: Matt W. Moore | MWM Graphics Website | MWM's Blog


Looked into Tutu's blog and found two collaborative walls he did with other Indonesian street artists along with Hong Kong and Singapore-based artists. Images above are taken from Tutu's blog and there are plenty more you can explore! Tutu is a Jakarta based street artist that is well-known for his urban and badass tupai (in english: squirrel). 

Wall Bomb by Tutu, Darbotz, ANTZ, Zero, & KillerGerbil:

* LEFT TO RIGHT: Darbotz, ANTZ, Zero, KillerGerbil, & Tutu

Collaborative work by Darbotz, Graver, & Tutu:

* LEFT TO RIGHT: Graver, Darbotz, & Tutu

Source: Tupai's Blog

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