Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eye-Opener: ARTechnology

Dating a couple of years back, these artists combined art and technology into one category. Pretty awesome back then, still kickin it today. Here are examples of works by artists and their explanations of their projects:

Viktor is the younger sibling of spraycan robot, Hektor. Although it draws graphics with precision accuracy as well, Viktor uses chalk and likes of blackboards. This machine has 4 motors instead of 2 it employs a new plotting mechanism in order to cover an entire blackboard.

Artist: Jürg Lehni

Rita is a recording and playback device for drawings, capable of reproducing line drawings and erasing them again. This machine constantly reproduces drawing processes but never really produces anything final--everything is temporary and are not there to stay.

Artist: Jürg Lehni

Hektor is a portable Spray-Paint Output Device for laptop computers. Hektor’s light and fragile installation consists only of two motors, toothed belts and a can holder that handles regular spray cans. The can is moved along drawing paths just as the human hand or old plotters would. The aim was to make a statement about design by providing a new tool to other designers and artists to experiment with, a tool with an inherently particular and distinctive aesthetic.

Artist: Jürg Lehni

Grower is a small 'rover' vehicle which navigates around the periphery of a room. It hugs the room’s walls and responds to the carbon dioxide levels in the air by actually drawing varying heights of 'grass' on the walls in green ink. The Grower robot senses the carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the air via a small digital CO2 sensor. This sensor is mounted high on a wall of the exhibition space and sends data wirelessly to the robot. The number of people in an exhibit space breathing in oxygen and exhaling CO2 has an immediate effect on the sensor. The participation of human in this project is involuntary.

Artist: Sabrina Raaf

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