Friday, April 24, 2009


As a Taoist once said:

To look is one thing,
To see what you look at is another,
To understand what you see is a third,
To learn from what you understand is still something else:
To act on what you learn is all that matters.

That beautiful and wise words is my favorite quote of all time--and an eye opener to how we ought to define, react and place ourselves to our surroundings. I am a believer in motivation and self-growth. Without continual growth and progress, the idea of improvement, praised success and overall achievement will have no meaning. Its inevitable that everyone has a story to tell; starting from their quest for knowledge, history and yes, voice of opinion. Deriving significance from Tehran and influences from close acquaintances, A1ONE's Fat Old Root reflects ambition and intellectual growth. It comes in more than 99 prints of authentic and original pieces that are signed, numbered, and fingerprinted! I must say, its very personal and obviously has a lot of meaning to the artist and I am honored to have it. 

Here is a sneak peak view of my very own, Fat Old Root:

Salaam to friend and artist, A1ONE. :)

Artist: A1ONE
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