Friday, June 12, 2009

Truth be Told

Tag your it! I'm really feeling this artists' work. It adds a little fun to the silent streets and most importantly, the work stands out because it is just that dynamic. Honestly, there are too many good works out there that attracts the our attention, but I feel that Truth really adds on to the environment. Some of the work such as the spikes or the half circles have a greater impact because of its sculptural quality and how it builds on and blends in naturally with its space.

Artist: Truth

Super Combo

When fashionable men meets horses? Now what would that look like? I was intrigued looking at Michael Zavros' line of work online, from the oldest one to the most recent. Honestly, three themes jumped out: fashion, men and horses. Now in some, he has combined his obsessions into one, making oh so fashionable and minotaurs! Overall, his skills are impressive. I like that image of the shoe bag.

Artist: Michael Zavros | Source: Antenna7


That's right. Whoooa. He's photography work is amazing. These are done particularly for his clients, including Coca-Cola, Sony, Playstation, Stella Artois, etc. 

It's Playtime

I was browsing through Beautiful/Decay's site and read about David Herbert and his strange but interesting sculpture pieces. Herbert's works are very playful and fun. And you know what's cool? each piece being very architectural, are highly influenced by Disneyland's magical fantasies and structures. Talk about going back down memory lane.

Artist: David Herbert | Source: Beautiful/Decay

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Urban Decay

What comes up, must come down. Decaying properties, abandoned spaces and destruction of environment is all captured in these photo documentary series of Richard Mosse. Fascinating shots.

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