Sunday, July 19, 2009

Architecture of Happiness

As Alain de Botton mentions in his book The Architecture of Happiness, "While a real reaction to seeing a thing of beauty is to want to buy it, our real desire may not so much to own what we find beautiful as to lay our permanent claim to the inner qualities it embodies." I feel that in our case and fascination for various artwork, it is true. You want a lot of fabulous pieces just because they have that certain 'wow factor' that blows your mind. Take a look at Kendall Buster's gorgeous installations. Every structure is soulful and has this anatomical attribute to it. I find it very warm and very supportive to our happiness and well-being, just as described by de Botton. I highly recommend you get a copy of his book here. Otherwise, Kendall's work pictured below are fine pieces to view from every angle. Enjoy!

Artist: Kendall Buster 

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