Monday, July 20, 2009

Forward Thinking

At present, we can see that there are a growing number of digital and interactive art popping here and there. As they become more defined, the number of interest rise. Corporations, museums, galleries and public art committees have indeed expanded their areas of interest, allowing great work such as these pieces below to outshine others out there. It's a fantastic way of looking forward and how far knowledge takes us. Sit back, relax and enjoy each individual work.

*Antenna DesignBlowing Gently.., (2002)*

*Art+ComKinetic Sculpture for BMW Museum, (2008)*

*GreyworldMusica, (2009)*

*Tetsuro Nagata, Computing an Identity via Interactive Architecture*


*Mader Stublíc WiermannCube, (2002)*

*Obscura DigitalMcAfee Mint Plaza*

*TroikaCloud, for British Airways Terminal 5 (2008)*

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