Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sylvia Ji goes to Stolen Space: "NECTAR"

Zip it!

Cool zipper mural on the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Square After Another

Nils Folke Anderson's exhibition at Phillips de Pury & Company, After Before and After will be closing September 6th, 2009. If you are around the meatpacking district do stop by and take a look. Want to see what it looks like from the outside? Take a peek while you stroll around The Highline.

The Container House

Okay. We all know containers are reusable receptacle that can accommodate other objects for a certain amount of time. At some point, these reusable boxes will have an expiration date; meaning, it would be advisable to change into a new one. Of course, it depends on the material and condition of the container. Paper boxes can be used again if its still in mint condition and plastic containers can be used as long as it does not have cracks or discoloration. But what about cargo containers? What happens after it is no longer needed? Adam Kalkin shows us the product life cycle and a pioneering way of following the trend in temporary living spaces. View more pictures and read more about it here.

Artist/Architect: Adam Kalkin | Source: Prefabs and Fresh Creation

Friday, August 28, 2009

Coming Soon: LV Book

Launching September 22nd, 2009, the Louis Vuitton is releasing their very own "Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture." Given their recent involvement in the art world with Espace Culturel, the book will definitely be a page turner, no doubt. The animation teaser is quite enchanting as well. Beautifully done. 

Source: Neu Black

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial

* Christian Boltanski & Jean Kalman (France), The Last Class, 2006 *

* Kiyoshi Takazawa (japan), Installation for Tsunan, 2009 *

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial is the world's biggest outdoor contemporary art exhibition, in which large-scale contemporary works are being showcased. Held in a rural region three hours outside Tokyo, these installations take advantage of the Japan countryside--utilizing its rice paddies, closed-down schools and refurbished homes. This exhibition has a fabulous line-up of artists ranging from Japanese artists to internationally acclaimed names such as Yayoi Kusama, Anthony Gormley, Richard Deacon, Lauren Berkowitz, Chiharu Shiota and Cai Go-Qiang. I can't help but praise the collection of work exhibited in this particular event. The show will last until September 13th, 2009. Read more about it on ArtInfo.

* Cai Go-Qiang (China/USA), Dragon Museum of Contemporary Art, 2000 *

* Koji Yamamoto (Japan), Kiyotsu Canyon Tunnel, 2009*

* Yayoi Kusama (Japan), Tsumari in Bloom, 2003 *
* Chiharu Shiota, House Memory, 2009 *

* Hisako & Tomoya Sugiura (Japan), Snow is Snow, 2009 *

* Kaes Owens (Netherlands/Japan), Stone Forest, 2009 *

* Richard Thomas (Australia), Oiko, 2009 *

* Hiroshi Yoshimizu, Sentry of Forest, 2000 *

* Jody Pinto & Morris / Sato Studio (USA), Light Islands, 2000 *

* Richard Deacon (UK), Mountain, 2006 *

* Yoshihiko Tanji & Manabu Hashimoto (Japan), Regeneration from River and Sea vol. 2, 2006 *

* Lee Jaehyo (Korea), 0121-1110=109061, 2009*

* Tsuyoshi Ozawa (Japan), Kamaboko-type Storage Project, 2009 *

* Takamasa Kuniyasu (Japan), Matsudai Dragon Pagoda, 2006 *

* Lauren Berkowitz (Australia), Harvest House, 2003 * 

* Vincent Du Bois (Switzerland), Rice Room, 2003 *

* Anthony Gormley (UK), Another Singularity, 2009 *

* Sayaka Ishizuka (Japan), Rice Deity, 2009 *

* Tomoko Mukaiyama (Japan), Wasted, 2009 *

* Harumi Yukutake (Japan), Restructure, 2006 *

* Jiro Ogawa/Ogawa Laboratory (Japan), Momigara Park (2003), Mudmen (2006), Future (2009) *

* Yoshikuni Kimura (Japan), Anbori Yubun Kinenkan, 2009 *

* Dominique Perrault (France), Pavilion/Papillon, 2006 *

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial website | Source: ArtInfo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tetragram for Enlargement

Stumbled upon this video during my research. visual environment and interaction design team consisting of three individuals: Federico Bigi (Lardz), Marco Grassivaro (Grassivaro) and Roberto Fazio (Mcfly). Done for the Itinerario Festival, this unique video is a fantastic example of how far visual effects has taken us. Tetragram for Enlargement is an architectural light projection and video installation that has this incredible way of fooling the human eye. Molto bello.

Catch Your Flight

Destination nowhere. This is a pretty cool installation done by Electroboutique at Archstoyanie Festival earlier in July. Definitely an attractive place to put such installation. The departures airline information board piece, also known as Air Port is a poetic reflection about urban civilization and development. I like the irony of having the typical voice announcements for airports in the middle of the forest. The coolest thing about it? It actually works and the information is constantly renewed in compliance with the flights schedule. In other words, everything is real. Talk about lost in translation. 

Click here to see the video or hear the voice announcements.


This curtain will make up for the lack of space you have in your apartment. The art of deceiving the guests. ;)

Crystal Mesh

Crystal Mesh (ILUMA) is an ornamental and granulated light and media facade for the ILUMA Urban Entertainment Center in Singapore. The project is in the process of realization and highlights the appeal of this modern city. The building has gone up already and had its first software testing in March 2009 upon which the pictures and video were produced. The full completion project is scheduled for December of this year. The idea was to have an animated building throughout day and night, transforming static art to dynamic art. The software design and concept was brought to the table by Realites-United and the building itself was developed by WOHA Architects in Singapore. Almost there! Great teamwork guys.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Shown above are images taken from Roy Nachum's exhibition, Prophecy on view in Gallery 1 and 2 at the Cerasoli Gallery, Los Angeles. His collection of oil paintings on canvas is in the style of realism can be easily confused with digital art as he paints in the form of pixels. Yes, he utilizes each and every pixel to form the desired image he wants to portray. As Nachum describes, the idea of pixels forming together and being seen as a whole represents both a pattern of a single reality or a dream. Aren't these pieces gorgeous? The exhibition will be on view until September 16, 2009. Click here for the private view.

Cerasoli Gallery
8530-B Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Artist: Roy Nachum (click here for blog) | Exhibiting at Cerasoli Gallery

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