Monday, August 24, 2009

Making Water Accessible to Others

Remember the powerful video of Jennifer Connelly walking to Central Park to get drinking water? Picture yourself taking a couple of sips from that glass and feeling it as it goes down your throat. Doesn't sound too pleasing now does it? Think about what other individuals in need who strive everyday to get clean water while we have the luxury of guzzling those bottled waters. So, as we celebrate the turning of the season, Charity: Water--a non profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to developing nations--invites you to participate in their 2009 September Campaign. Celebrating his birthday and 3 year anniversary of his precious charity organization, Scott Harrison speaks out to all the September babies out there to give up your birthday gifts and celebrations to help them raise money to build a new well in threatened areas. Remember, it doesn't end there. Just about anyone, anywhere, any day could join forces to help save a million by participating in this project. Watch the campaign trailer below for more information.

Click here to be directed to the Born in September website.

Donate, get involved, sponsor or simply be heard at Charity: Water here.

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