Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plump up the volume!

*Signpost 5, The Island Shiermonnikoog 2006, wood and nails*

*Signpost 5, The Island Shiermonnikoog 2006, wood and nails*

*3 Caniches, Sittard 2008, inflatables*

*The Giant of Vlaardingen, 2002-03, salvaged woods nails and screws*

*A piece from the Solo Show "Dushi", The Haque 2009*

*Rubber Duck, Hasselt 2009, inflatable pantoon  & generator*

Florentijn Hofman creates these massive experiments with blow ups and giant stuffed animals. Who says toys is just for little kids? The piano is a great one. I think I am attracted to it because I used to play the piano. Yes, everyone in my family plays some kind of instrument. Closet musicians maybe? lol. Absolutely love the rubber duckie. It's adorable, I just want to squeeze it and sit on it. Sounds extreme but that sums it up. Watch the video of the rubber duckie in progress here

Artist: Florentijn Hofman

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