Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Progress Report: R.U.A Festival

*Kick-off video for R.U.A Festival*

Brazilian street artists gather together in the R.U.A Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands this summer (July-August 2009) to celebrate the lines, color and forms of Brazilian art. The open art exhibition is organized by Caramundo, a fresh non-profit organization that supports local, grass-root initiatives and young talented people in Latin America. The festival officially started on August 1st and have gathered the Brazilian street art community to paint huge murals to showcase their work alongside the surrounding cultural establishments and institutions in Rotterdam. Yes, it is all about spreading the love one mural at a time. Read more about the festival and bios of each artist here.

*Horoiwa: work in progress*

*Yusk: Daily Update*

*Onesto: Finishes*

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