Friday, August 14, 2009

Starry Night

Last night was the best night ever. Despite the fact that I wasn't feeling too good, John Legend's concert was one of the things I would never miss. He's one of my favorite singer and musician--my boyfriend knew that and surprised me. I got lucky (thanks to him) and was able to come to his sound check as well along with a couple of other people. It was pretty cool, he was friendly and took time to take pictures with all of us. Overall, the concert a fantastic kickoff for his world tour; with India Arie as the opening act and guest appearances by Rick Ross, Estelle, Buju Banton, and yes, Kanye West. What a night, I completely forgot I was sick. Anyways, here are SOME of the pictures I took last night. Imagine that.


* Buju Banton came for sound check *

* Yes, he was drinking tea and dancing to his music during rehearsal *


* India Arie singing with her Mom (left) *

* The grand entrance *

*John Legend playing piano and the brother (right) singing*

* John Legend featuring Estelle*

* Buju Banton kickin' it on stage*

* Rick Ross in Hot Pink *

* Rick Ross and John Legend *
* John Legend and India Arie *

* The one and only, the almighty Kanye West*

* John Legend, Kanye West and Estelle *

* The green lights  and the green balloon set off the "beach ball" fun *

* Never new I would be 5 steps away from him, lucky me. *

* Oh wait, she is the luckiest girl in the whole world. Shout out to Shontelle! *

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