Sunday, August 16, 2009

Young and Gifted

Around two month's ago, my favorite calligrapher, Julien Breton a.k.a Kaalam sent me a sneak peak to his latest project and successful collaboration with Digital Slaves. Together they experimented on calligraphy and technology using a system for real time calligraphy drawing. As we can see, the interface allows the calligrapher to choose texture, width, thickness of lines and color throughout the process. It's pretty cool because of its all or nothing build up--you can't really erase anything unless you start from blank again. It brings the intensity and challenge. The system is basically an infrared technology that operates with an industrial (infrared) camera and a lamp (infrared) that projects to the screen interface. Anyways, here is the final result. Both Kaalam and Digital Slaves are dope, so, enjoy!

Special thanks to Julien for sharing.

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