Saturday, September 19, 2009

Building Bricks

Keeping it grounded with all matters in the socio-political realm, I walked over to Gladstone Gallery to view the work of Damián Ortega, whom I believe is one of the best conceptual artists out there! His first exhibition with the gallery, Ortega demonstrates his lucid series of sculptures that plays with positive and negative space. For CAPITAL Less, the artist constructed a series of concrete and brick blocks by pressure sanding them into irregular shapes. I find it very fascinating to observe the irregularity of the shapes and identifying the geometric forms as an emblem of modernism and urban planning. It looks like post-industrial ruins, I would say; a foundation for humanity and development. Some parts of the blocks appear to be aging, submitting a strong criticism against geological erosion and the waste of capital. His work so far, in my opinion, are bold and open minded, stimulating and receptive. What interests me the most about this particular artists is that he manages to find the thin line of reality, political and/or economic relationships that widens the gap between social structures that exists within our humanity.

CAPITAL Less will be on view at Gladstone Gallery until October 31st, 2009.

Artist: Damián Ortega | Represented by Gladstone Gallery

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