Saturday, September 19, 2009

Down to Earth

I had the pleasure today of walking around Chelsea to view a selection of dynamic and exciting exhibitions around Chelsea. Yes, today I actually carried around my camera and took snapshots of each site I visited. My first stop was Maya Lin's Three Ways of Looking at Earth exhibition at Pace Wildenstein's 22nd street location. The large-scale environmental installations left viewers in awe. As I roamed around and looked at each work in detail, I noticed the intricate craftsmanship and constructed systematically to fit in the gallery's white space. 

* 2x4 Landscape, 2006, FSI certified spruce, pine, and fir 2x4s *

* Blue Lake Pass, 2006, Duraflake particleboard *

As we all know, the exhibition is a part of the rotating museum show, Systematic Landscapes held as a celebratory remark for her successful career and accomplishment as an artist. This show is Maya Lin's premier solo exhibition at the representative gallery, Pace Wildenstein since she joined in 2008. I highly recommend you to come and view it in person with your own eye because the show in itself is a critical remark of how human perception and sensory experience. Each piece seemed seamlessly natural and organic. I supposed what I enjoyed the most is the way each piece gets its own room and manage to fill out the space. Placed at the center of it all, with no distractions and diversions, these immaculate installations, although not created as one piece, seemed to connected visually. Depending on how it is perceived, each piece can be seen in isolation or as a group. I guess this is what you can refer to as the Gestalt effect. Nevertheless, it was well-curated and the flow worked very nicely. 

* Water Line, 2006, aluminum tubing and paint *

Maya Lin's Three Ways of Looking at Earth will be on view until October 24, 2009 at Pace Wilderstein, 545 West 22nd Street. To read more about Maya Lin, click here.

Artist: Maya Lin | Represented by: Pace Wildenstein

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