Saturday, September 19, 2009


Forget Mid-Summer Night's Dream for now and focus on Jaume Plensa's fall exhibition atGalerie Lelong New York. In The Midst of Dreams is fourth solo exhibition since 2006, showcasing a range of sculpture that are solely focused on women. In fact, majority of his work has revolved around a typical subject relating to humanity, from adulteration of the soul to the inner state of the human condition. In this particular series, Plensa breaks down his honest assessment of the human ego and complex moral pronouncement. Its quite thought-provoking when you think of it especially as you walk around the sculptures and observe them individually. Carved within each massive laser-cut stone head are words, themes and text overlays that conclude the apex of our conscience. An interesting choice of medium and technique that refers back to the Greeks methodology and approach to sculpture. The only difference is it does not posses the same level of detail and byzantine effect the ancient sculpture sets off. Enlightening and straight forward, he sources his carefully chosen words based on Oscar Wilde's writing on human instability. In most cases, he leads us into looking at the darker side of mankind, one of which we often avoid in order to focus on balance and spirituality other than negativity. One thing for sure is, size does matter! The size of the pieces is what makes it so approachable and easy to follow.

Catch Jaume Plensa's exhibition at Galerie Lelong until October 24th. Enjoy!

Artist: Jaume Plensa

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