Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Golden Age

My obsession for Kimiko Yoshida never stops. She never fails to persuade us with her exciting experiments. These are taken from her Painting. Self-Portrait series created in 2007-2009. The title, Painting, is given a new meaning by the artist: détrounements or diversion of preexisting elements. Within that context, Kimiko uses the idea of diversion to reroute from the old meaning of things, such as the objects of daily life, masterpieces of the history of painting, previous works in the Mariées series and her own photographic practice. In each painting, she tries to imitate a character in a painting. To read more about her interesting project, click here.

* Painting, (Arearea by Gaugin), Self-Portrait *

* Painting (Rembrant by himself), Self-portrait *

* Painting (Torero by Picasso), Self-portrait *

* Painting (Minotaur by Picasso), Self-portrait *

* Painting (Laughing Girl by Vermeer), Self-portrait *

* Painting (Pierrot by Watteau), Self-portrait *

* Painting (Lady in Turban by Van Eyck), Self-portrait *

Artist: Kimiko Yoshida

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