Friday, September 25, 2009

Grass Microbiology

These transparent, three dimensional glass sculptures from the series, Glass Microbiology, captures the global impact of each disease (such as HIV) and consider how artificial coloring of scientific imagery affects the way we perceive such phenomena. It all began when the artist, Luke Jerram explored the characteristics of each virus and explored the idea of it being pseudocolored. The cool thing about the series is that he consulted in every step with virologists from University of Bristol and discussed multiple images derived from various scientific models and photographs. Credits also go to glassblowers, Kim George, Brian Jones and Norman Veitch, who were on the project too. Together, they face challenges and opportunities to explore innovative ways to make the entire design work. As Jerram describes, "There's a very careful balancing act that needs to take place, between exploring current scientific knowledge and the limitations of glassblowing techniques." Still curious? Check out the video below. Supercool! 

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