Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lever House's very own Donovan piece

Lever House latest exhibition, which closed September 5th was one of Tara Donovan's best installation piece ever constructed. The gently folded sheets of plastic reflects the scenery of the streets beyond, allowing reflections of its surroundings to be projected back to us Park Avenue in a through a different light and perspective. The 2,500 pounds of translucent honeycombed color sheets appear very dense as it is fitted into the rectangular space within the white wall. Tara Donovan has been experimenting with materials for years, taking advantage of its most natural properties and allowing it to resurface. In a way, she brings forward these elements that we often take for granted. 

On another note, from a foodie's point of view, this organic form and elegant folds remind me of the charm that fresh pasta gives off. Perhaps I was just hungry when I saw this.

[Photo & video credit: Dr. Curry/Peter Sealy]

Artist: Tara Donovan | Source: Lever House

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