Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sneak Peak: Women Without Men

Visual artist Shirin Neshat, known for her arresting and in some cases disturbing images has recently completed her first feature film that she directed based on Shahrnus Parispur's novel, Zanan-e-bedun-e-mardan. Deriving directly from the content of the novella, she created an amazing screenplay and rich motion picture that embraced the viewers and critics alike. The film, Women without Men takes us on a journey to the 1953 CIA-led coup in Iran; looking closer at the living conditions of women of Iran during the Mossadegh government. The movie focuses on four women chosen to represent all levels of the Iranian society. 

As quoted from Culture Monster, "What's less certain, however, is Neshat's storytelling abilities. Reviews of the film have skewed slightly negative, with Variety complaining that the movie's visuals "are more successful that structure and rationale." Rich in symbolism, Neshat's film visuals are described by Screen Daily, the film is as equally stunning as it appears in her installation artwork: perfectly framed and dominated by black and white imagery with the hint of muted colors. Motivated by the political movement in Iran, the exiled Iranian video artist stands proud and strong behind her first feature film. Neshat along with her creative team wore green, which is the unofficial protest color following the recent election. Undoubtedly, she gain admiration and won the best director award at the Venice Film Festival 2009. 

Artist/Director: Shirin Neshat

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