Thursday, October 1, 2009

Women Are Heroes

28 Millimeters
A project and an exhibition by
JR .
Ile Saint-Louis and Pont Louis-Philippe
Pavillon de l’Arsenal (Nuit Blanche until October 23)
Paris – 4th arrondissement city hall (Nuit Blanche)
With the commitment of Dominique Bertinotti, Mayor of the 4th arrondissement of Paris
And the support of the City of Paris

After years of presenting his work across the globe in Brazil. Liveria, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, India, Belgium, Britain and other countries, French artist JR will be exhibiting his entire collection of work for the first time. His series entitled Women represents the third phase of the 28 Millimetre project. A picture is worth a million words and as we can see, his documentation of women from a society bombarded with daily violence, adversity and restlessness evokes a very emotional representation. Through his lens, JR was able to capture a dramatic shift in emotion, one of which we don't often see. His desire to raise awareness and approach the subjects in the news is by far heartfelt and innovative. For approximately one month, Paris will be housing the artists work and attracting local Parisians, neighboring countries, artists, and art lovers alike to visit the three chosen public spots: Around the Ile Saint-Louis, Exhibition at the Pavilion de l'Arsenal and Town Hall in the IVth district.

Don't forget to check out the amazing video project as well:

Artist: JR | visit Women Are Heroes project website

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