Sunday, November 22, 2009

The World of Tim Burton

Tim Burton took his vision and creative direction into the international market, gathering and influencing fans across the globe. Derived from popular culture, his remarkable vision brings our attention to a world filled with visual imagination. During the opening, Tim Burton's exhibition at Museum of Modern Art last Wednesday attracted art lovers, museumgoers and hardcore fans alike. Some even dressed up for the occasion. It was the one of the busiest openings in the museum this year. The exhibition showcases a variety of his creative endeavors, including never-before-seen drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, costumes, animation or moving image works, storyboards, and working concepts to name a few. In short, it was a great exhibition that brought us on a trip down to memory lane.

The exhibition will be showing from November 22nd 2009 - April 26th 2010.

Artist: Tim Burton | Exhibiting at MoMa

Time After Time

Taken in a five year span in rue de Verneuil, Paris, outside of Parisian musician Serge Gainbourg's home. Fascinating imagery. It took thousands of photographs to produce and transform it into a short footage with the amazing 3D effect. 

Source: Hypebeast

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Accumulation of Wealth

Although I tweeted about her amazing exhibition at Freemans 94, I never really got a chance to post about it. The exhibition, Recycled Landscapes, which ended last week consisted of Maya Lin's domesticated sculptures created out of found objects she reused and recycled. She is known to be a committed environmentalist, finding various strategies to utilize the existing objects and space. Her ability to conceptualize and sculpt intangible concepts is a rare gift. Her use functional and unexpressive materials that mimic the colors and forms found in nature is quite extraordinary. Such accession of insight are always expressed by means of sculptures and installations whose emotional value speaks to us in an eloquent poetry.

Nevertheless, in Recycled Landscapes she challenges her traditional muted colors and created sculptures comprised of everyday, colorful objects that often go to waste easily as time passes by. Whether it comes in the form of spherical, astronomical objects, or organic systematic landscapes or carved books, her work represents one theme: an accumulation of wealth. For which she collects a significant amount of objects, repackages it, and shares with us a compressed version of the abundant wealth of knowledge that exists among us.

Artist: Maya Lin | Exhibited at Freemans 94

Friday, November 13, 2009

Blown Away

Doing things the Nendo way.

Artist: Studio Nendo

Walk it off...

These glowing series you see above is done as part of GLOW 09 International Forum of Light Art and Architecture with the assistance of Kai-Uwe Schwenck of Panorama. Done in an 18 x 18 cm photo-slides, Armsrock had developed it in solid black and etched it with an etching needle. The slides were then projected throughout the streets and walls of Eindhoven. 

Artist: Armsrock | Source: Unurth

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