Thursday, November 19, 2009

Accumulation of Wealth

Although I tweeted about her amazing exhibition at Freemans 94, I never really got a chance to post about it. The exhibition, Recycled Landscapes, which ended last week consisted of Maya Lin's domesticated sculptures created out of found objects she reused and recycled. She is known to be a committed environmentalist, finding various strategies to utilize the existing objects and space. Her ability to conceptualize and sculpt intangible concepts is a rare gift. Her use functional and unexpressive materials that mimic the colors and forms found in nature is quite extraordinary. Such accession of insight are always expressed by means of sculptures and installations whose emotional value speaks to us in an eloquent poetry.

Nevertheless, in Recycled Landscapes she challenges her traditional muted colors and created sculptures comprised of everyday, colorful objects that often go to waste easily as time passes by. Whether it comes in the form of spherical, astronomical objects, or organic systematic landscapes or carved books, her work represents one theme: an accumulation of wealth. For which she collects a significant amount of objects, repackages it, and shares with us a compressed version of the abundant wealth of knowledge that exists among us.

Artist: Maya Lin | Exhibited at Freemans 94

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