Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exploding Couture

For the last couple of months, artist E.V. Day roamed around a hidden gem that houses numerous elegant pieces of costumes, jewelry, stage wigs and other accessories that come along with theater production. It was a slice of heaven and having access to New York City Opera's elegant racks of couture and one-of-a-kind costumes is what we would often refer to as a dream come true. Prepping for their come back after an extensive renovation, the Lincoln Center allowed the artist not only to dive into their marvelous archive but to exhibit at David H. Koch Theater.

I had the pleasure in attending the opening night on November 6th and experienced it in person. A picture will give you a thousand words, nothing will ever replace the gratifying feeling of walking through the elegant theater and observing her work in great detail. Each sculptural piece are arranged at different levels. The set-up was very appropriate for the fou-leveled theater and the audience are able to walk around each floor. It was perfect match and I was able to see it in a 360 view: be it birds-eye view, worms-eye view or at normal eye level. More than anything, what makes this particular exhibition successful is the fact that each piece is suspended at the center of the theater, undoubtedly winning the attention of all of its visitors. There are several other artists exhibiting their photography work in each floor but it was inevitable to concentrate solely on her sculptures. E.V Day's exhibition was a magnificent center piece that it was difficult to leave behind.

Moreover, her ability to exaggerate the drama and reanimate these costumes is impeccable. For a veteran sculptor who has mastered the art of producing pieces with clothing, working with costumes was a different experience. She was not dealing with just any material, it was couture gowns and hand-made dresses with such intricate craftsmanships; that once in a lifetime would have an opportunity to resurface and embrace the operagoers one more time.

The show was made possible by Deitch Projects and New York City Opera.

Artist: E.V. Day | Exhibiting at David H. Koch Theater

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