Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shiota + Gego

Artist Chiharu Shiota teams up with Gego in a current exhibition up at Goff + Rosenthal New York. The complex web of thought, the interwoven mass of thread, cornered at separate areas of the room draws us closer into the deep awareness. It concurrently represents the natural tendency of the material to tangle and untangle itself. Togther, Shiota and Gego utilizes the white gallery space and construct a whole new experience. Walking throughout the space, you will notice objects wrapped in black wool, which is often known to us as Shiota's classic style of work. On the other hand, Gego also known as Gertrude Goldschmidt have a  similar technique and style as Shiota when in comes to constructing and engineering her pieces with wires. These webbing halos reach out towards the walls of the gallery in a more eerisome and consternated manner. Even so, the various patches of web, be it on the walls, on the floor tucked away in the corner, or on the objects seem to be very restrained and suspended. More like an organized chaos, so complex yet so poetically defined and systemized.

Just like the tendency of the materials, the two artist were naturally attracted to each other's work despite the fact that they actually have never met. As stated, the exhibit is more of an experimental project of re-contextualizing the work of both great artists. The exhibition, Drawn Together will be up at the gallery until January 9th, 2010.

Artist: Chiharu Shiota and Gego | Exhibiting at Goff + Rosenthal

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Something Spectacular

I thought I would share Mr. Aguiar's photography work. Absolutely stunning.

Artist: Arturo Aguiar | Source: Karin + Raoul

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