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HVW8, Union LA and FROLAB Presents 
Mos Def: Estatic Moments
Photographs by Cognito

VIP Opening Reception Friday, January 29th, 7-11 PM
The exhibition is open to the public from January 30 - February 6, 2010

A one week exhibition showcasing rare performance and behind-the-scenes images captured y Cognito while accompanying Mos Def on the two year journey of making and supporting of the June 2009 release of "The Estatic."

Place and Space:

HVW8 Art + Design Gallery
661 N. Spaulding Ave., Los Angeles CA, 90036
(323) 655-HVW8 (4898)

For more information about the show, read there press release here.

Couting Down: Whitney Biennial 2010


In Ari Marcopoulos: FIFA 10, 2010 curator Gary Carrion-Murayari visits Marcopoulos’s home to play a match of FIFA 10 soccer while the artist blasts a track from his lo-fi noise tape collection titled “Nail Paint Mausoleum.”


David Adamo :: Richard Aldrich :: Michael Asher :: Tauba Auerbach :: Nina Berman :: Huma Bhabha :: Josh Brand :: The Bruce High Quality Foundation :: James Casebere :: Edgar Cleijne and Ellen Gallagher :: Dawn Clements :: George Condo :: Sarah Crowner :: Verne Dawson :: Julia Fish :: Roland Flexner :: Suzan Frecon :: Maureen Gallace :: Theaster Gates :: Kate Gilmore :: Hannah Greely :: Jesse Aron Green :: Robert Grosvenor :: Sharon Hayes :: Thomas Houseago :: Alex Hubbard :: Jessica Jackson Hutchins :: Jeffrey Inaba :: Martin Kersels :: Jim Lutes :: Babette Mangolte :: Curtis Mann :: Ari Marcopoulos :: Daniel McDonald :: Josephine Meckseper :: Rashaad Newsome :: Kelly Nipper :: Lorraine O’Grady :: R.H. Quaytman :: Charles Ray :: Emily Roysdon :: Aki Sasamoto :: Aurel Schmidt :: Scott Short :: Stephanie Sinclair :: Ania Soliman :: Storm Tharp :: Tam Tran :: Kerry Tribe :: Piotr Uklański :: Lesley Vance :: Marianne Vitale :: Erika Vogt :: Pae White :: Robert Williams

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February 25th - May 30th, 2010

Glimpse of gold

Youssef Nabil began his photography career in 1992 and worked as photographers' assistant in prominent studios in New York and Paris. He has always been inspired by popular culture and cinema, and to extent, he wanted to explore the idea of immortality within photography. He started to create an imaginary reality that reflects both the paradoxes of the Middle East and the flamboyance of Egyptian movie stars during pre-revolutionary years in Cairo.

Nabil's distinctive technique of hand-coloring silver gelatin photographs removes the blemishes of reality and recalls the heyday of Egyptian film. He disrupts prevalent notions of color photography and painting as well as assumptions about the type of aesthetics associated with art and those identified with popular culture. 

Explore more of his outstanding work and experience his photographs that takes us back to another time, another era. Youssef Nabil was born in Cairo and currently resides and works in New York.





FEBRUARY 13 - March 6, 2010


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Brooklynite Gallery is proud to present our first exhibition of 2010 entitled, "Stealth: Artists Above The Radar", featuring the works of Collin Van Der Sluijs and Derek Shumate. From February 13 to March 6th, we offer up our gallery walls as a soapbox for these two under-exposed artists from different ends of the world, both of who use their canvases much like mental filing cabinets to store information full of free expression and socio-political views. Follow us, if you will, on these two hypothetical journeys.

Imagine a blender that can be filled with ripe pieces of paper containing creative juices, leafy ideas and plump inspirations. Imagine that it can also be filled with lush subconscious thoughts, including healthy, fresh social and political views. Add in a sprinkling of vivid, circular planet-like shapes. But wait, this recipe doesn’t only contain ingredients that are good for you. Now, add in black smoke stacks, toxic chemicals and dust-covered landscapes. Top it off with disproportionately sized animal/human hybrids covered in oil-based liquids. Flip the “on” switch to this blender and watch as it mixes and intermingles these colorful thoughts, robust ideals and tart visions. Pop the top and pour directly on a canvas. …You’ve just recreated the work of Dutch “Pop-Fantasy Life” painter, Collin Van Der Sluijs.

Imagine if you will, a Houston-born, abstract artist by the name of Derek Shumate with multi-colored, circuitry wires running out from the back of his head. These wires immediately transfer a continuous flow of conscious thoughts from the portal to new mediums and surfaces for fear of losing spontaneity. Bold colors, upon layers and layers of torn bits of information, which often resemble a topographical map, are collected from various sources, including but not limited to, personal tragedies, today’s headlines and the artists’ imagination. These issues appear to be clouding, as they often do in life, the human existence as it relates to the environment. This obsessive-compulsive process produces work that is free from traditional morals or social constraints and like a young adolescent, expresses opinions full of honesty. That is ---to those that can decode the artist’s messages. 

Check out more of their work here: /

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

McFancy and McMobile

New year, new needs, and new game plan. This year, The Cool Hunter will launch their very own creative consulting and branding agency called "Access Agency." Their goal is to create highly original, transformational, yet eminently practical and results-oriented strategies for companies.

Access aims to specialize in helping brands and businesses develop taste and envision the world form a different perspective. Value becomes an underlying foundation, crucial to the success of these customized experiences designed to alter consumer's thinking.

Now, you may ask. Why am I displaying pictures of fast food? Well, for one project such as McDonald's, they went for a cool, surprising and fun mix of concepts. First, it is McFancy, an upmarket temporary McDonald's store that launches at Fashion Weeks around the globe: London, New York, Paris, Milan, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

McFancy is part art installation, gathering spot and restaurant that offers traditional McDonald's menu but packaged oh so stylishly, bowing to the lifestyle of the highly desirable Fashion Week customers. Waiters will be in tuxedos, food will be served using silver service, private dining areas and packaged accordingly to the fashion brands present: Burberry burgers, Chanel fries and yes...Paul Smith sundaes. What a touch!

Access will be collaborating with UXUS firm in Amsterdam for the design of the interior environment for McFancy and private dining rooms. When it comes to Miami, they will be working with Friends With You in Miami to design a customized McDonald mobile McFun Cart: McMobile.

What do you guys think? Sounds ambitious but I must admit, pretty damn cool. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Re-Creation Exhibition Opening

Ogilvy & Mather presents Re-Creation, a group exhibition
Thursday, January 28th-March 30, 2010
Opening Reception: January 28th from 5-8 PM

This exhibition is open to public 6-8 PM.

address: 636 11th Avenue, 8th-11th floor, New York, NY

Re-Creation features the work of 12 internationally acclaimed and emerging artists from Canada, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States. All of the artists create paintings, objects and installations made of recycled manufactured materials that once had functional purpose in our daily lives.  

The exhibition focuses on the internal dialogue between the artist and the medium in which their creation challenges their very existence — what we all perceive as “art”. The exhibition also examines the ways in which the artist recreates everyday objects and offers us a different point of view.  We all look, assess and give meaning to tangible and intangible materials differently. 

The exhibition features works by local artists including Thomas Beale, Miriam Cabessa, Jordan Eagles, Luke DuBois and Mark Napier and internationally recognized artists Long Bin Chen, Midori Harima, Young Ho Ji, Yael Kanarek, HyunJu Park, Björn Schülke and Julie Tremblay.   

Re-Creation is made possible by Bitforms Gallery, Gana Art Gallery, Causey Contemporary, Craig Scott Gallery and Frederieke Taylor Gallery with additional support from private collectors who have generously consigned artwork from their collections. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Giant Hammocks

Brazilian artist, Maria Nepomuceno creates large-scale installation sculptures at Magasin 3, Stockholm Konsthall. The exhibition, allows the raw material, rope and necklaces are crafted to take on a natural spiral-form. The giant beads placed against small beads create an exaggerated feel of its traditional form and content. In Latin America as well as many other traditional countries, hammocks are considered places for sleep, birth and death. Nepomuceno suspends her sculpture and refers to the notion of cycle and movement. Her work is quite inspirational and refers to traditional myths and questions the spiritual transition between past and present.

Maria Nepomuceno's exhibition Always in Spiral opened on January 23rd, 2010 and will be on view until June 6th, 2010. 

Artist: Maria Nepomuceno | Exhibiting at Magasin 3

Ford's Magic Carpet

An intriguing piece by David Ford entitled Perception carries you away into the curious quest of pursuing the Islamic realm. The mixed media piece depicts an antique, oriental Islamic rug piece that is separated by a cutout shape that can be found in Islamic architecture. It appears to be floating, like a magic carpet that links the Islamic culture with the rest of the world, particularly the West. The small pathway suggests a strong political and cultural pathway that predetermines the lure of exoticism of what was referred to back in the 19th century as an Orientalist affair.

Artist: David Ford | Source: Dolphin Gallery

Loose Fitting

Tangled up in the world of Leif Holmstrand...

Artist: Leif Holmstrand | Source: Vvork

Swirls and Twirls

Latest sculpture pieces and installation work from British artist Kate MccGwire.

Artist: Kate MccGwire

Monday, January 25, 2010


Using brightly colored adhesive tapes and scraps, Rebecca Ward presents us with a series of animating projects. As we can see, her work often utilizes space to heighten the three-dimensional experience, extending from one gallery wall to another. The application of tape suggests a hint of measured movements: frantic yet coherent.  It allows for a multi-sensory experience, radically different from every angle. Each application of tape hugs the peripheries of the wall and drags to the center of the room, forming a rather controlled, intertwining web. One would often feel as  if the space is expandable. The tapes, in my opinion, suggests an elastic or malleable form. It progresses from the ceiling to the floor; and bounces itself across the room in synchronized angular positions. Like a painting, from a flat 2D image, it creates an effect of vanishing points. Nevertheless, Ward allows the viewer to experience first hand the diffusion of color--as if it was to mimic the sensation of a painter's palette.

Artist: Rebecca Ward

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