Friday, January 29, 2010

Glimpse of gold

Youssef Nabil began his photography career in 1992 and worked as photographers' assistant in prominent studios in New York and Paris. He has always been inspired by popular culture and cinema, and to extent, he wanted to explore the idea of immortality within photography. He started to create an imaginary reality that reflects both the paradoxes of the Middle East and the flamboyance of Egyptian movie stars during pre-revolutionary years in Cairo.

Nabil's distinctive technique of hand-coloring silver gelatin photographs removes the blemishes of reality and recalls the heyday of Egyptian film. He disrupts prevalent notions of color photography and painting as well as assumptions about the type of aesthetics associated with art and those identified with popular culture. 

Explore more of his outstanding work and experience his photographs that takes us back to another time, another era. Youssef Nabil was born in Cairo and currently resides and works in New York.

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