Monday, January 25, 2010


Using brightly colored adhesive tapes and scraps, Rebecca Ward presents us with a series of animating projects. As we can see, her work often utilizes space to heighten the three-dimensional experience, extending from one gallery wall to another. The application of tape suggests a hint of measured movements: frantic yet coherent.  It allows for a multi-sensory experience, radically different from every angle. Each application of tape hugs the peripheries of the wall and drags to the center of the room, forming a rather controlled, intertwining web. One would often feel as  if the space is expandable. The tapes, in my opinion, suggests an elastic or malleable form. It progresses from the ceiling to the floor; and bounces itself across the room in synchronized angular positions. Like a painting, from a flat 2D image, it creates an effect of vanishing points. Nevertheless, Ward allows the viewer to experience first hand the diffusion of color--as if it was to mimic the sensation of a painter's palette.

Artist: Rebecca Ward

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