Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sperlein x Lladró

Eye-candy. Ceramic chandelier design by Bodo Sperlein.

Designer: Bodo Sperlein

Paul Scott


Came across his work randomly. I thought I should post it. His work reminds me of Charles Krafft's ceramic pieces I posted a while back. I am sure he is influenced by him one way or another.

Artist: Paul Scott | Represented by Newton Fine Art

Basta Pasta

"La Grotte de Pate" by Melodie Mousset. This pasta cavern is made entirely out of a great selection of different types of pasta. Bizarre but very fascinating indeed.

Artist: Melodie Mousset | Source: pan-dan 

Friday, February 26, 2010


Translating landscapes.

Artist: Penny Hes Yassour | Source: Stux Gallery

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

The Amsterdam-based collage artist Hanneke Treffers aka Handiedan graduated from Academy of Art and Design St Joost in the Netherlands, specializing in photographic design. Her graphic collage is produced using experimental objects such as old music sheet, money and other unused relics. Such attention to quality pushes it to look like a collectors item, feeling more close to a treasured antiquity. 

Artist: Handiedan | Source: Curbs & Stoops

Thursday, February 25, 2010


In his latest animation, "Nadadores," Sam3 uses ceramics and the result? No words can describe but it is sensational.

Artist: Sam3 | Source: Wooster Collective

Down to Earth

Leonardo Drew attended Parsons the New School for Design and received his BFA from Cooper Union for Advancement in Science and Art in 1985. His large-scale sculptural installations incorporates created, manipulated and found materials such as paper, wood, tree branches and roots, rust and mud.

Artist: Leonardo Drew | Source: Sikkema Jenkins & Co


Artist: Ayala Serfaty | Source: Moco Loco


New large-scale installations by Ghanaian artist El Anatsui is now being exhibited at Jack Shainman Gallery. The show consists of seven vibrant pieces, all of which are constructed out of thousands of discarded bottle tops. His palette in this series range from black and red to silver and gold, meticulously crafted into large shimmering forms with dynamic patterns. Each piece is hung and draped in order to give more life with its rippling effect. 

Artist: El Anatsui | Exhibiting at Jack Shainman Gallery

No 1-60

In his latest project, No 1-60 Dennis Lin presents the tree as an archive of its former living self. He saved a maple tree from the mill and in turn, archives and preserves for others to carefully examine and observe from a distance. It is an inspiring tale, as the tree unfolds its life and death. Lin hangs the sixty, three-inch slabs in sequence; all numbered and tagged with a brass plate. Each piece is debarked and sectioned into cookies, sanded, oiled and waxed. 

He is known for his thoughtful engagement with the natural world and his careful treatment evokes his deep respect for its purity. "To see the sections of the tree is to wonder how it grew, how it lived and how it died," says artist Dennis Lin. "I've cataloged this tree out of my own curiosity and to make it accessible for others to question how this organism came into being."

The exhibition runs until March 5th, 2010.

Artist: Dennis Lin | Exhibiting at Fourty-Seven | Photo courtesy of Derek Flack

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