Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roaming the Sea of Air

In a world of kinetic and robotic studies, Dutch robotics design company called Festo releases videos of their latest and sophisticated project to date: the flying penguins. The AirPenguinsproject was realized after the engineers taught these robotic penguins "autonomous flight in the sea of air. The technology was further developed into a self-regulating biomechatronic systems--a system that can also participate in the future of adaptive production.

One of the most graceful and visually stunning auto-run flying robots produced to date, the project is a successful blend of engineering and design. Every detail is laid out perfectly that even its most subtle movement indicates naturalism and sophistication. I am still taken away by the radically "brilliant" flying penguins hover freely through the defined air space! The only thing monitoring their freedom at this point is the ultrasound transmission stations. Check out the images below.

Eenvoudig prachtig. Goed gedane Festo!!

Project AirPenguin designed by Festo

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