Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exhibition Recap: Kyle Goen @ DD172

Kyle Goen's exhibition opening was a great success. His politically charged, silk-screened and one-of-a-kind pieces marks The Dash Gallery's (a.k.a. DD172) second art exhibition opening. The opening was hosted by Damon Dash and Erykah Badu, who also promoted her new album.

“Kyle Goen’s work is what might have happened if Andy Warhol and Emory Douglas collaborated. Using extremely enlarged halftone patterns to abstract photographs of radical and revolutionary leaders, his work probes viewers memories to recall vaguely familiar iconic images.  They draw on the pop notion of celebrity, but his images aren’t about fame. They challenge viewers to remember a time when resistance was cool and liberation struggles just. And it encourages us to dream about making this part of a contemporary landscape.”  

--Dread Scott

Artist: Kyle Goen | Exhibiting at DD172 Gallery

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