Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Philagrafika 2010*

Under the curation of artistic director, José Roca, an international curator and Venice Biennale veteran, Philagraphika 2010 has been a great success, attracting locals and international guests to the city of Philadelphia. The event took five years to produce and is solely devoted to celebrating the international printed image in contemporary art. Running through April 11, 2010, the citywide art festival features a total of 300 artists from 40 countries showing across 97 venues.

* Mural for Graphic Unconscious by Paul Morrison *

* Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret *

* A piece for Graphic Unconscious by Gunilla Klingberg *

* Bestabé Romero *

* Unknown *

* If the Tread is an Echo by Orit Hofshi *

* News kiosk by Francesc Ruiz *

* Narcisos en proceso (Narcissi in Process) by Óscar Muñoz *

* State of Control by Thomas Kilpper *

* Mundus Admirabilis and Other Plagues by Regina Silveira *

To read more about the Philagraphika 2010, click here. Or simply watch the video below to see a 360 view of the show and to hear some words about it as well.

Image courtesy of Le Territoire Des SansArtnet and Pitchengine.

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