Thursday, March 25, 2010

Way Past Due

Ok. So I went to this supercool event in Paris during Thanksgiving holiday (hence, the title Way Past Due), and words cannot explain how insane this Born in the Streets exhibition was. I loved every single part of it. I must say, The Foundation Cartier nailed it to the heart with this one, covering the history of graffiti rising alongside the birth of Hip Hop in New York. I worked my way up from the basement floor to the outside terrace. No photography allowed I heard. I went on a lucky day I guess. Quite memorable. Oh and another exciting addition was I got to watch some kids work on the outer façade. Thanks to my friend Julien Breton for the heads up! Too bad I didn't get to stop by Nantes on my short visit. Check out Julien's work here.

Artists included:

Basco Vazko, JonOne, Olivier Kosta-Théphaine, Barry Mc Gee, Nug, Part 1, Evan Roth, Boris Tellegen/Delta, Seen, Vitché, Gérard Zlotykamien, L'Association Le MUR, Cripta, Coco 144, Quik, Koor, Toxic, Alan Ket, Charlie Ahearn, Manfred Kerchheimer, Maripol, Paris Joao & Roberto Wainer

Read more about Né dans la rue on Foundation Cartier pour l'art contemporain.

Again, apologies for the delay but its better than just keeping it to myself.

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