Sunday, April 25, 2010

Theatrical Appeal

I absolutely adore this video entitled "Body Navigation," by designer Ole Kristensen. A combination of digital, interactive, theater and performance art. If you have the time to watch this video, it is totally worth it! Very inspiring and beautifully executed.

Artist: Ole Kristensen | Source: Ignant

3rd Annual Madison Avenue Gallery Walk

On the hunt. Looking forward to this event on May 15th, 2010. For more information click here.

Bullet Proof

American artist Al-Farrow was born in New York City in 1943 and currently resides and works in San Rafael, California. His sculptures of religious reliquaries and mosques are made entirely out of steel shots, bullets and gun parts, from AK47 models to Uzis. They are quite marvelous and extraordinary. The bullets just add that extra shine and makes the structure look quite glamorous. It is evident that Al-Farrow's pieces demands labor of love and skills. His work is very meticulous and requires a good investment in time as well.

The religious trifecta, as we can call it is comprised out of a Synagogue, a Cathedral and a Mosque. I just put in extra pieces to show the variety of work he has done. Al-Farrow's work functions as a survey the relationship of the world's major religions based on their political, military and cultural history. It is admirable, especially since these masterpieces reinterprets the role of religion in history's greatest conflicts.

Artist: Al-Farrow | Represented by Irvine Contemporary

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Almighty Suspenders!

Breaking walls and bringing down the structure. Sounds like the Hulk? Think again. These installation by German artist Erika Hock explores a challenge to the resistance of a strong, seemingly immovable obstacle or barrier, both on a physical and mental note. Her installations are undoubtedly dynamic and fun. She uses walls as a platform for experimentation either by dropping them or applying enough pressure to break them. It's true that after a certain amount of observations, the bands used end up looking like suspenders. On another note, it makes it...witty. ;)

Artist: Erika Hock | Source: Acid o Latte

Blanked Out

Splashes of paint. The rest is up to you to figure out. I'm constantly fascinated by the abstraction of the Falkenberg's concept. Its like the meaning is taken out of the core of each piece made, leaving an opportunity for viewer's to contribute their imagination and fill in the blanks. It questions one's ability to think and perceive. One way or another, I feel that his work pushes us to learn to see and analyze what we often do not see.

Artist: Jørund Aase Falkenberg

Contemporary Dress

* A Mixture of Frailities 2004, 1400 household gloves turned inside out, calico, tailors dummy *

Susie MacMurray is a Manchester-based artist, who received her MFA from Manchester Metropolitan University in Sculpture in 2001. She combines material, form and context to enhance the viewer's perception and gather meaning in the most simplistic ways. Her work encompasses drawing, performance, sculpture and architectural installations. She's performed many site-specific interventions in historic spaces and she often refers to the history of a space, which constantly leads her to combine history, specifics of the site and characteristics of the material into a unified piece.

*Icon 2002, 15,000 metallic blue balloons, rug underay *
* Gladrags 2002, 10,000 fuschia pink balloons, rug underlay *
* Widow 2009, black nappa leather, 43 kg adamantine dressmakers pins, tailors dummy *

Her engagement to history and explorations in sculptural possibilities lead her to be nominated for the Northern Art Prize in 2007 . Other accomplishments include her numerous exhibitions and installations in world's most celebrated galleries, museums and public institutions. Her work is held in various public and private collections in the UK and abroad.

Artist: Susie MacMurray

Picture Perfect

I recently read a great interview of Michael Halsband at White Hot Magazine written by the brilliant writer, Jill Connor whom I often read about in other magazines as well. Turns out, I am in love with this photographer so it is no doubt that I would take a moment in discussing him.

American portrait photographer Michael Halsband has had a good share of memories and hands-on experience in capturing the American popular culture since 1980s. He's rubbed elbows and worked with a range of individuals including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Rolling Stones, Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias. Combining his contextualized visions and casual approach to photography, he exposes the dense layers of personality, creativity and talent. Halsband is known to study his subjects religiously; photographing the same characters repeatedly to reveal more depth abut them, as well as himself as an artist.

As you can see, throughout his collection of work, Halsband appreciates simplicity and allows the images to have their own unique souls. In simple words, he positions himself to become a part of the picture as much as he puts himself away from it in order to have the "invisible hands" effect.

Artist: Michael Halsband | Represented by: Salomon Contemporary

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recap: SOFA NY

* Jennifer Trask *

SOFA New York was a bag of fun. I really enjoyed the show and was very pleased with the participating galleries, artists and of course, their objects. A lot were quite traditional and showcased the everyday arts and crafts. However, some either had a unique presentation concept or simply innovative in its techniques and craftsmanship. Most importantly, several pieces remained quite charming and was able to stand out from the mass.

* Shield by Kay Khan *

* Gyonky Laky *

* Jaehyo Lee *

* Jaehyo Lee *

* A Theory of Everything  by Walter McConnell *

Read more about SOFA Arts and Crafts Expo 2010 here.

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