Saturday, April 24, 2010

Contemporary Dress

* A Mixture of Frailities 2004, 1400 household gloves turned inside out, calico, tailors dummy *

Susie MacMurray is a Manchester-based artist, who received her MFA from Manchester Metropolitan University in Sculpture in 2001. She combines material, form and context to enhance the viewer's perception and gather meaning in the most simplistic ways. Her work encompasses drawing, performance, sculpture and architectural installations. She's performed many site-specific interventions in historic spaces and she often refers to the history of a space, which constantly leads her to combine history, specifics of the site and characteristics of the material into a unified piece.

*Icon 2002, 15,000 metallic blue balloons, rug underay *
* Gladrags 2002, 10,000 fuschia pink balloons, rug underlay *
* Widow 2009, black nappa leather, 43 kg adamantine dressmakers pins, tailors dummy *

Her engagement to history and explorations in sculptural possibilities lead her to be nominated for the Northern Art Prize in 2007 . Other accomplishments include her numerous exhibitions and installations in world's most celebrated galleries, museums and public institutions. Her work is held in various public and private collections in the UK and abroad.

Artist: Susie MacMurray

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