Saturday, May 8, 2010


Brooklynite Gallery opens its doors tonight, May 8th from 7-10 PM to a highly anticipated exhibition where street art visionaries, M-CITY and DOLK conspire to invade the space and prepare for an eventful night in Brooklyn, New York.

Norwegian stencil artist DOLK stems back into the game with a new collection of cutting imagery. Mostly known for unfolding cynical and humorous tales on celebrity, religion and societal pressures, DOLK remains consistent in his new body of work. His primary focus to utilize simple clean black lines enhances the personality and distinction of each work. As he continues to produce these promising monochromatic stencils (with one precisely placed color), we are undoubtedly left wanting more.

On the flip side, as we experience the hustle and bustle and sway to the great outdoors, it is hard to miss M-CITY's large scale, industrial-themed murals. As Poland's most prolific street artist, M-CITY holds a reputation for working his way around public spaces, echoing the atmosphere of an industrial nation. He reanimates the Industrial Revolution using stencil artillery, with images that solely speaks for itself: smoke-stack factories, cogs and gears, steam ships and repetitive city blocks. That same crushing imagery is transferred seamlessly to his deliberate, grey-scale canvases which could easily be passed off as Cold War propaganda.

As we all know, the world remains to be their greatest canvas. Be on the look out for souvenirs throughout the boroughs that they intentionally leave behind. After all, what is a trip to NYC without leaving a good, solid impression for the fans.

For more information about EUROTRASH or to read more about the awesome venue, visit Brooklynite Gallery's website.

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