Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exhibition Recap: MAY DAY

With Jeffrey Deitch departing soon to take on his new role as the Director of MOCA Los Angeles, on May 1st Deitch Projects opened its last show. The final stretch, the final project. Under the supervision of its founder and director, Deitch Projects has stood out to be one of the most successful contemporary art galleries in New York City, glorified for its amazing line-up of artists and successful shows.

However, during the opening day of Shepard Fairey's May Day, Deitch Projects received a turnout like no other. Numerous individuals lined up for hours to get into the show and receive their very own poster. Some had the opportunity of walking straight in. Whatever the case was, people were simply thrilled to be a part of the eclectic bunch; be it celebrating Deitch Projects, meeting Shepard Fairey himself, or just to mingle and rub elbows with the art crowd.

Shepard Fairey, known for his propaganda-like imagery, has carefully chosen the title of the exhibition: May Day. The title itself carries multiple meanings. At first glance, it signifies the 1st of May, which over 100 countries refers it to International Workers' Day or Labor's Day. Yes, it is the day where unions and socialist groups alike coordinates a range of celebrations, or in some cases, political demonstrations. On another note, the word 'May Day' as we all know is a distress signal pilots, police and firefighters use in time of emergency. The color schemes and mood of the exhibition is quite distinctive: "an alarming cry of help and a hopeful society waiting for a brighter day."

Beyond the surface, the term May Day, carried throughout his new body of work. Fairey's work is a reflection on corporate propaganda on its efforts to push a variety of renewable resources and a critique towards freedom of speech raved on within the US Political System and Government Body. Nevertheless, the work is beautiful. Perhaps one of his best works to date.

Counting the days until the closing day of the gallery, Shepard Fairey: May Day will be on view at Deitch Projects (18 Wooster) until May 29th, 2010. The heartbeat of Deitch Projects will be highly missed in the New York art community. For more information on the exhibition or to read more about the gallery click here.

Otherwise, check out the after party pictures below where Mr. Fairey himself entertains the crowd.

Report and photos courtesy of Samuel C. Lee. Visit his website to view his work.

Artist: Shepard Fairey | Exhibiting at Deitch Projects

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