Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Gay 90s Old Tyme Art Show

In his latest show, American painter Mark Ryden continues to charm the crowd with his visually enticing paintings, symbolic sketches and complex characters. His superb technique interweaves wide-ranging influences, from Spanish and Italian religious paintings, Old Master compositions, French Neo-Classicism luscious patterns to the Formalists' touch. His rendered glowing hues of children, Abraham Lincoln and yes, in this particular scenario, Jesus continues to aim for the enchanting world of estranged and disturbing beauty. The theme of The Gay 90s Old Tyme Art Show refers to the idealism of 1890s while surveying the role of nostalgia (de javu) and kitsch in our current culture.

"In the modern era, sentimentality and beauty have been disdained in the art world," explains the Oregon native. "This new work explores the line between attraction and repulsion to kitsch, and between beauty and banality."

The exhibition will be on view at Paul Kamin Gallery until June 25th, 2010.

Artist: Mark Ryden | Exhibiting at Paul Kasmin Gallery

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