Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ones to Watch: DANTE HOROIWA

Born in 1988, Dante Horoiwa is one of the youngest booming street artist from São Paulo, Brazil. This Brazilian artist of Japanese decent explores the idea of 'invisible insistence', where he portrays the invisible forces that often surround us. Reflecting on one's conscience, he touches on the idea that we are drawn to intuition and instinct. What is quite poetic about his presentation of using dark hues combined with gold is the exploration of individuality, imperfection, and existence in the world.

Horoiwa's work appears to be quite eclectic and dynamic, gathering influences from past and present practices (e.g. Gustav Klimt's touch of gold paint, Spanish mural style), as well as international elements (e.g. Asian, Native American). His sculptures, paintings, drawings and most importantly murals are gorgeous. With its mysterious, spiritual and soulful tonality, his imagery refers back to nature and recalls our recollection of something somewhat tribal. Quite magical.

He has an incredible talent and I am excited to see more work coming from this young, up and coming artist.

Artist: Dante Horoiwa | Horoiwa's blog

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