Sunday, September 26, 2010

Moral Conscience

* Forecast, 2010. C-print mounted on aluminum *

For the third time, American-Cuban duo Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla are showing their latest pieces such as Forecast (pictured above) at Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris. The five works presented in this show reflects upon the principle of physical and temporal displacement. Each piece is a unique take and a direct critique towards current and recent events that have occurred within our society. Hence, the subject matter discussed reflects upon a mixture of social, geographical, and cultural framework.

* Petrified Petrol Pump, 2010. Fossil-filled limestone *
* Scale of Justice Carried by Shore Foam, 2010. Polystyrene, synthetic polymer foam. *

It is Allora and Calzadilla's important line of work; it not only engages the audience but awakens their conscience towards the extremely conceptual and controversial proposals that often lead to either political or social unrest. It is quite a strong and subjective show, but it is undeniable that their efforts to tackle on such heavy subjects through experimentations in photography, installation, sculpture and video have gained the attention of an international audience.

* The Camel's Humps and the Ironing Board, 2010. Stuffed camel humps, ironing board. *

In 2011, Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla will represent the United States at the 2011 Venice Biennale. The exhibition will be up until October 16, 2010. Images courtesy of Florian Kleinefenn.

Say It Like You Mean It

Deborah Kass' After Louise Bourgeois piece made out of neon and transformers on powder-coated aluminum panel. This is one of her latest pieces exhibiting at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York, which opened last Thursday, September 23rd. Kass continues to explore the intersection of politics, popular culture, art history and the self through mediums such as painting, language and music. The exhibition, "MORE feel good paintings for feel bad times" will be on view until October 30th, 2010.

Against All Odds

Maurizio Cattelan strikes again with yet another bold move. A monumental middle finger at the heart of Milan, strategically placed in front of the Milan Stock Exchange throughout Milan Fashion Week. Be it is his way of saying f**k you to all the bankers and stakeholders involved in finance, or whether it is an in-your-face statement for all who has gone against him, his latest piece entitled L.O.V.E has received much love and attention from the public.

L.O.V.E in its most literal and sophisticated form is made out of marble and put on a pedestal Standing 11 feet tall, all the fingers appear to be cut off with the exception of the middle finger. Undoubtedly, this piece was intended for a more deep, complex discussion. It is against ideology and practically the final mockery of all 'isms'. The artist donated this piece to the city of Milan but was quickly refused by the city's administrators. L.O.V.E was originally calledOmnia Munda Mundis, which is derived from a Latin sentence and translates to "to the pure [men], all things are [pure]."

In Cattelan's words, "Officially, it's named L.O.V.E - so it stands for love - but everyone can read between the lines and take away the message they see for themselves." At Piazza Affari, this controversial sculpture will only be up for 10 days during the Milan Fashion Week. If your around, don't miss the chance to see it!

Days of Being...

Make your own Daft Punk helmet? Why not? This video is pretty cool, especially since it is related to Daft Punk. Got to love technology and access to various mediums of expression. Too bad I forgot where I saw this video from, but I managed to bookmark it.

Lives of Others

A Lonely Cabin in a Faraway Island is my favorite series from photographer Jungjin Lee. Its taken back in 1987, however, it remains one one of the most memorable and timeless photographs. Her black and white photography work can be described as poetic and it nonetheless expresses complex emotions and thoughts that are often hard to describe with words. This specific series takes us to a land faraway from our reach and gives us a peak to the life of an elderly couple. The images are honest, compelling and strikingly beautiful.

Artist: Jungjin Lee

No Corras Tanto

I still find this sand animation video amusing. The title is No Corras Tanto.

Artist: Cezar Díaz

Art and Seek: FAME Festival Recap

For the last three years, FAME Festival has gathered an impressive group of international artists to collaborate and work side by side in the small Italian town of Grottaglie, known for its pottery industry. More specifically, it was held at the Antica Bottega Popcchia, the most ancient ceramic workshop in the area.

* BLU *
* Basta *
* Boris Ozpetek *
* Boris Ozpetek *
* Cyop e Kaf *
* Erica el Cane *
* JR - frontal, close up *
* JR - full *
* King Momo *

The name "FAME" has a double meaning in two languages. In Italian, "fame" means hungry, while in English it refers to the status of success. 21 international flew down during the summer to co-mingle with local artisans of the pottery and print production. Not to mention, it is also a tradition for exhibiting artists to paint on the walls and streets all around the city. The result? Incredible. If you love street art, you have to plan a visit to Grottaglie, Italy.

* Lucy McLaughlan *
* Nunca *
* Os Gemeos *
* Sam 3 *
* Sam 3 *
* Wet 'n' Wild by Slinkachu *
* Vhills *

For more information on upcoming projects click here or to purchase limited edition prints please go ahead to Studio Cromie's website.

Friday, September 24, 2010


by Ronald Ventura.

Artist: Ronald Ventura | Represented by Primo Marella Gallery

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving Forward

Fusing pop art, street culture, as well as design and technology, James Clar is no stranger to the contemporary art scene. His work is an example of a perfect marriage between media and communication. Having exhibited at numerous institutions and gallery spaces, his achievements in the creation of new visual systems have lead him to obtain residencies at Eyebeam Atelier in New York and Fabrica in Italy. On top of his accomplishments, this NYU alumni and owner of James Clar & Associates studio was the inaugural artist of the FedEx Institute of Technology in Memphis.

Its quite exciting to how he evolved and where his projects will take him next. He currently resides and works in Dubai, UAE and will be share the spotlight with Abdulnasser Gharem at Abu Dhabi Art, November 4th-7th, 2010.

Artist: James Clar | Represented by Kashya Hildebrand Gallery

Oriental Burger

Song Wei's Hamburger sculpture is one of many Chinese contemporary art pieces exhibited at Beijing's Red Gate Gallery in 2009. The exhibition was called "30 Degrees: 30 Years 30 Artists 30 Perspectives."

Artist: Song Wei | Represented by Red Gate Gallery

Peek a Boo! I See You.

Latest piece by famous Australian artist Anthony Lister on New York City brick building. Classic. Makes me miss being out and about in the city. This picture was taken by the awesome street art and graffiti enthusiast, Luna Park.

Tape Art in Slovenia

Ahhh, love at first sight. Such a fun and engaging project.

Reach for the Sky

Impressive collection of work from sculptor James Surls.

Artist: James Surls

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